Dinosaurs: Megalosaurus


Megalosaurus (Big Lizard)

Megalosaurus was a large meat-eating dinosaur of the mid-Jurassic. Megalosaurus walked on two powerful hind legs. Its arms were short and had three-fingered hands with long sharp claws. It had strong, short neck and large head with sharp serrated teeth. Megalosaurus grew to about 30 feet (9m) in length and weighed approximately 1 ton .

Megalosaurus belonged to a group of dinosaurs called Tetanurans. Earlier Tetanurans included Eustreptospondylus and Afrovenator. Afrovenator was also a close relative of the Allosaurids of North America.





Pronounced: MEG-a-low-SAW-rus

Name Means: "Big Lizard"
Length: 30 feet (9 m)
Height: 10 feet (3 m)
Weight: 1.5 (1,300 kg)
Diet: Carnivore (Meat)
Time: Middle Jurassic
Habitat: Coastal Woodland
Fossils Found: Africa, Europe


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