Dinosaurs: Ornitholestes


Ornitholestes (Bird Thief)  

Ornitholestes was a smaller dinosaur that we know very little about. Only one skeleton has ever been found and it is missing a few parts. It got its name kind of by accident because the scientist who found it put the wrong hands on it at first (it was found mixed in with other dinosaur bones). He thought the hands could catch birds, so he called it a Bird Robber.

The skull of this dinosaur was crushed flat when it was discovered and some of the bone near the tip is missing. A few of the scientists who have studied the specimen believe that it may have had a small, flat horn on the end of its snout. But as this can't be determined for certain without another specimen, that is just a guess.





Pronounced: or-NITH-oh-LES-teez

Name Means: "Bird Thief"
Length: 6 feet (2 m)
Height: 1 foot (.3 m)
Weight: 25 pounds (11 kilos)
Diet: Carnivore (Meat)
Time: Late Jurassic - 145 million years ago
Habitat: Open Countryside
Fossils Found: Asia, Western North America


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