Dinosaurs: Pelecanimimus


Pelecanimimus (Pelican Mimic)

Pelecanimimus was a small meat-eating Dinosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous period. Pelecanimimus belonged to a group of Dinosaurs called the Ornithomimids (Bird Mimics) named so due to their resemblance to modern day flightless birds such as the Ostrich. Other members include Ornithomimus, Gallimimus and Struthiomimus. Unlike its close relatives, which can be identified by their toothless beaks, this little Dinosaur had the most teeth of any known carnivore (approx. 220 teeth). Evidence also suggests that this little Dinosaur may have had another unique feature - feathers!

Pelicanimimus had long hind limbs ending in three long clawed toes. It had long shin and upper foot bones with a very high ankle joint, making it perfectly designed for sprinting. A long tapered tail acted as a counterbalance for its long neck and helped stabilise it through fast turns. Some scientist believe that these dinosaurs could run as fast as an Ostrich, sprinting up to 50 mph (80 kph).



Pronounced: PEL-ih-can-ih-MIME-us

Diet: Carnivore (meat-eater)
Name Means: "Pelican Mimic"
Length: 6 ft. (2 meters)
Height: 3 ft. (1 meters)
Weight: unknown
Time: Early Cretaceous - 133 MYA
Habitat: River Valleys
Fossils Found: Europe


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