Dinosaurs: Albertosaurus


Albertosaurus (Alberta Lizard)

Albertosaurus was a large Therapod meat-eating dinosaur of the late Cretaceous. Albertosaurus was a smaller relative of Tyrannosaurus and belonged to a group of dinosaurs called Tyrannosaurids. This family included Tarbosaurus, Nanotyrannus and the infamous Tyrannosaurus. Albertosaurus had short two fingered hands and walked on two powerful hind legs.

Albertosaurus was a relatively small Tyrannosaurid approximately 26 ft (8 m) in length and 11 ft (3.4 m) in height and weighed about 3 tons. 

Albertosaurus walked on two powerful hind legs and had large powerful jaws with long sharp teeth. Some scientists now believe that these smaller Tyrannosaurids could have run up to speeds of 25 mph (48kph).





Pronounced: al-BERT-oh-SAW-rus

Name Means: "Lizard from Alberta"
Length: 26 feet (8 m)
Height: 10 feet (3 m)
Weight: 2.5 tons (2300 kg)
Diet: Carnivore (Meat)
Time: Late Cretaceous - 70 million years ago
Habitat: Open Woodland
Fossils Found: Canada, North America


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