Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus


Tyrannosaurus (Tyrant Lizard)


Tyrannosaurus was a large meat eating dinosaurs that lived during the late Cretaceous.


How big was Trex?


Tyrannosaurus was amongst the largest meat eating dinosaurs that ever lived growing up to 39 ft (12 m) in length and up to 20 ft (6 m) in height and weighed between 5 to 7 tons (roughly the weight of an Elephant).




Tyrannosaurus walked heavily on its powerful hind legs. Tyrannosaurus had very short arms but were very strong and were tipped with very sharp two fingered claws. Tyrannosaurus main weapon were its immense powerful jaws armed with huge replaceable sharp teeth measuring anything up to 12 inches in length.




Tyrannosaurus belonged to a group of dinosaurs called the Tyrannosaurids. Other members of this family included Tarbosaurus, Nanotyrannus and Albetosaurus.

Tyrannosaurus would of probably preyed upon plant eating dinosaurs such as Triceratops favouring those who were too sick or too young to escape or defend themselves.



Tyrannosaurus Size

Pronounced: tie-RAN-oh-SAW-rus

Name Means: "Tyrant Lizard"
Length: 39 feet (12 m)
Height: 13 feet (5 m)
Weight: 6 tons (6,000 kg)
Diet: Carnivore (Meat)
Time: Late Cretaceous - 65 million years ago
Habitat: Forests
Fossils Found: Asia, Western North America


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