Dinosaurs: Ankylosaurus


Ankylosaurus (Fused Lizard)

Ankylosaurus was a large heavily armoured plant-eating dinosaur of the late Cretaceous. It was the last and largest of a group of dinosaurs called the Ankylosaurids measuring up to 25-35 feet (7.5-10.7 m) in length and 4 feet (1.2 m) in height and weighing about 3-4 tons. Other members of this family included Euoplocephalus, Tarchia and Talarurus.

Ankylosaurus was protected by thick, bony armour fused into its leathery skin. Ankylosaurus also had 2 rows of spikes along its body with large horns that projected the back of its head. It even had bony plates as protection for its eyes. As well as being heavily armoured Ankylosaurus also had a heavy club-like weapon on the end of its tail, which it probably used to defend itself against some of the ferocious predators that lived at the same time. These predators included Tarbosaurus, Deinonychus and the infamous Tyrannosaurus.

Ankylosaurus walked fairly upright on four short legs, its front legs shorter than its rear.





ankylosaurus size


Pronounced: an-KY-low-SAW-rus

Name Means: "Fused Lizard"
Length: 34 feet (10.5 m) ?
Height: 5 feet (1.8 m)
Weight: 4 tons (3,500 kg)
Diet: Herbivore (Plants)
Time: Late Cretaceous - 70 million years ago
Habitat: Forests
Fossils Found: Western North America, South America



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