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Why do we have day and night ?

Day and night are caused by the Earth spinning on its axis once every 24 hours

One day is made up of one complete rotation of the Earth.  For example, Sunday or a Monday.



Try this yourself!

  • Get a torch and a ball to find out why we get night and day.

  • Point the torch towards the ball and rotate it from left to 
    (west to east).                                                         



What is a year ?

A year is the time taken for the Earth to journey once around the Sun. 

Q.  How many days does it take for the earth to complete one journey round the Sun?

Q.  How many times does the Earth spins on its axis while it makes this journey? 

Q.  How many months are there in one year?

Q.  The Earth travels in an ellipse.  Why does it not travel in a full circle?  

Q.  Why do we have shorter days during winter and longer days during summer?

Q.  Is the the Sun higher in the sky during winter or summer ?

Answers - Click here. 


Try this yourself!

Use a lamp (or a torch) and a ball to investigate how the Earth moves in orbit round the Sun - Hint!.....keep the tilt of the Earth at the same angle all the time.


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