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HUGE update!


You'll be glad to hear that science-resources is now mobile friendly and, in response to feedback, now also supports iOS (iPad / iPhone) and Android. You can also now find us on Twitter twitter.com/ihoworg, Facebook facebook.com/scienceresourcesuk, Pinterest Pinterest.com/ihoworg and YouTube youtube.com/channel/UCjFDgQlIk5SISHdPouFzpcA/


We've also added a new videos section for those who are having issues with some of our animations on some mobile devices.


FREE downloads to celebrate British Science Week 2022


To celebrate British Science Week, I have added a downloads page which I intend to updated regularly with some of your favourite resources. To get you started, and due to popular demand, I have uploaded a high-res version of the Fractioning Column (Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil) Click here as well as a Solar System and Water Cycle Interactive Resource suitable for Interactive Whiteboards. Please keep checking for regular updates!


I am also in the process of finally populating the Physics section however, in the meantime, I have uploaded some of the new content to i-how.org.uk. Please check out "how static electricity works" and "how lightning works".

Thanks again for your continued support!


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