Dinosaurs: Saurolophus


Saurolophus (Lizard Crest)

Saurolophus was a large plant-eating, duck-billed, dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period. It was one of the largest plant-eating dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period growing up to about 40 feet (12 m) in length and weighing approximately 3 tons.

Saurolopus belonged to a group of duck-billed dinosaurs called Hadrosaurs. Other members of this family included Lambeosaurus, Corythosaurus and Hypacrosaurus. Like all other Hadrosaurs, Saurolophus had a toothless, wide beak with hundreds of tightly packed teeth in the back of its mouth which allowed it to grind up tough vegetation.

Fossilized footprints, piles of bones, and nesting sites suggest that Saurolophus, and other Hadrosaurs, travelled in large herds.

Saurolophus had a small crest on the top of its head. Duck-billed Dinosaurs with crests were called Lambeosaurs. Like other Lambeosaurs, Saurolophus crest was hollow and connected to its nose and throat by a series of complex tubes. There are a number of theories on the purpose of these crests, these include: making sound, cooling device, attracting mates, and enhance its sense-of-smell.

Fossilized tracks show that duck-billed dinosaurs often walked on all fours, however Saurolophus could of easily stood on its hind legs to feed or defend itself.



Saurolophus Size

Pronounced: SAW-oh-LOAF-us

Name Means: Lizard Crest"
Length: 40 feet (12 m)
Height: 13 feet (4 m)
Weight: 3 tons (2,700 kg)
Diet: Herbivore (Pine Needles, Leaves, Twigs)
Time: Late Cretaceous - 70 million years ago
Habitat: Swamps ?
Fossils Found: Asia, North America


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